The Best Facial in Koregaon Park with Skin Treatments

Life is tough on your skin. Why not give it a treat?

    Healthy skin is the consequences of the practices that makes your skin glow and radiate  . Skin is very sensitive organ of the human body and is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun as well as to the pollution prevailing in the environment. Therefore there is a need to treat the skin well. A skin treatment not only rejuvenates the skin but also helps to make it glow.

 Skin care is of utmost important to preserve the beauty of the skin in the long run. Hence it is necessary to preserve the radiance of the skin through various skin treatments. Here at Poonam’s studio were ‘Being Beautiful by being you’ is the main motto of our service. We provide you with all the skin related treatments with an ease. Poonam offers you the best facial in Koregaon Park with   all types of skin treatments to make a glow on your flawless youthful skin. The manicure and pedicure in Koregaon Park at Poonam’s studio gives you the best treatment. We have some of the best clean ups to make your skin clean and fresh.

Skin Treatments We Offer

Experience the best facial in Koregaon Park

Waxing is the procedure of hair expulsion from the root by utilizing a covering of a sticky substance . The cut Inc offers you the best waxing method with Italian rica wax. Italian rica wax is definitely a path breaking product. Rica wax provides an all in one beauty service with not only removing unwanted hair on the skin but also skin lightening and tan removal as well as moisturizing. The waxing at Poonam’s studio have:

Waxing Normal Rica
Full arms 250 300
Full legs 350 500
Half legs 250 300
Full back 300 500
Half back 200 350
Full front 350 500
Half front 250 400
Underarms 100 200
Full body 1200 2000
Brazilian wax 750 1200

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for fingernails and hands. Pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails, analogous to a manicure. A great idea to maintain better health of toe and finger nails. Manicures and pedicures includes massaging of the skin along with the exfoliation, moisturizing and cuticle treatments. Poonam’s studio provides you the best manicure and pedicure in Koregaon Park with a best stylist.

Service Amount
Express manicure 300
Express pedicure 500
Regular manicure 600
Regular pedicure 700
Spa manicure 750
Spa pedicure 850

Our facial therapies help you target skin concerns and maintain healthy youthful skin with natural organic products. Each facial is customized for your skin type and specific skin condition. Poonam’s studio has the best facial in koregaon park with the best aesthetician who work on your skin gently. The clean ups and facial that we provide are all organic and natural due to which we provide you the best facial in koregaon park.

Clean-ups that suits on your skin:

Clean ups Description Amount
Radiant cleanup It contributes to a beautiful glow and natural hydration of the skin. 850
Matte look clean up Extremely good for oily and acne prone skin. 850
Hydra moist clean up Promotes penetration of minerals while trapping water molecules in the skin. 1000

The facial treatments

Facials Description Amount
Aqua splash facial For dry and dehydrated skin. 1700
Purifying facial Oily and acne prone skin. 1650
Hydramoist facial All skin type. 1650
Age smart facial Sensitive/mature skin 1750
Detan facial To exfoliating dead skin cells 1600
Pearl whitening facial To tighten the pores 1800
Minero vegital treatment Dry skin 2000
Snow white treatment For fairest and translucent look 2800
Black mask Add to any of the above facials 1000

Oil massages every week and hair spas once a fortnight to keep those stresses away and relaxed. To strike a balance in every system in the body, head massage is the key. The list of its benefits are endless, both psychological and physical and when received under expert hands it gets even better.

Delicate fingertips keep running along your neck, tenderly eradicating the pressure far from your spine. With your eyes shut and the fingertips rolling over the head makes you transport to a universe of unwinding, harmony and quiet. This isn’t a fantasy – you are just getting a charge out of a head palpate.

Hair treatments Amount
Hair spa without blowdry 1000-1500
Hair spa with blowdry 1500-2000
Powerdose treatment
1 bottle 400
2 bottle 700
3 bottle 900
Anti dandruff treatment 2000