Keratin hair treatment in Pune

Keratin hair treatment in Pune is fuelled with all services in crafting makeup. But they extended their services in hair styling which gives you an overall makeover. Keratin is the most innovative hair smoothening service which penetrates inside the hair shaft by delivering deep conditioning and moisturizing to the hair. Keratin hair treatment in pune helps to make hair look smoother and straighter. A solution contains formaldehyde derivative or (the much safer) glyoxylic acid which worked through the hair to break the bonds and conceal them in a straighter position.   Cysteine and keratin hair treatment in Koregaon Park  is a process of rebuilding the hair by putting lost protein into your strands.

Types of Keratin Treatments available in Poonam’s Studio

It is said to be the most effective and innovative smoothening treatment uses an exclusive formula which combines natural raw materials and incorporates the latest Brazilian keratin technology. It restores the texture by eliminating frizz and improves the condition of the hair.

This treatment is highly recommended for tight curls and frizzy hair. The cysteine treatment excludes the use of artificial straight look to the hair instead it gently smoothes the curl and the frizz without any fuss.

Keratin express is the perfect solution for simplest, fastest and most affordable way to have shiner, smoother and better-conditioned hair in an instant go.

After following all the ground rules and precautions it stays with you for three months in a row. In this time period, it helps to rebuild the protein in your hair which also helps to improve your hair texture.

Cysteine hair treatment uses Cysteine treatment of straightening hair because it includes non-essential amino acid. That occurs in keratin to straighten and provides strength to your hair. This hair treatment is highly recommended for tight curls and frizzy hair. The ingredients help to relax your hair without using natural additives like formaldehyde. It strengthens your hair roots Cysteine treatment is becoming the rival of keratin treatment as it is gaining more popularity over Keratin Treatment in Pune.