All You need to know about HD Bridal Makeup

Updated: Aug 30

For a girl, what can be more precious than her nuptial day? To achieve the perfect bridal demeanor, she leaves no stone unturned. Starting from choosing her ensemble, matching ornaments, and last, but not least, the makeup that compliments her D-Day look.

Deciding your makeup can be quite challenging, especially when there is an ample number of choices available. Before choosing your bridal makeup, first, you need to understand your skin type and the type of makeup you can go for. These days, two kinds of makeup are quite popular with brides (HD makeup and Airbrush Makeup).

If you are facing any kind of skin imperfection and you don’t want it to demolish your wedding pictures, then, it’s time to go for High Definition makeup. But what makes HD makeup different from the average bottle foundation, concealer, powder, or blush, and how is it best used?

Here you need to know everything about high-definition makeup to get your face camera ready.

What Exactly is HD Makeup?

“HD makeup, In other words, the camera-ready formula claims to mimic natural skin while concealing some glitches, dark circles, and uneven tone. Thick, unnatural pancake makeup is quite obvious through an HD lens “, explains Poonam Lalwani, an expert in hair and makeup. She is providing her services in Mumbai and Pune, and destination weddings across the country and overseas.

To avoid the cakey texture that settles in the pores, high-definition makeup is transparently thin while still hiding uneven skin texture and other flaws, suggests makeup artist Poonam Lalwani.

Reasons to opt for High Definition Makeup

What makes HD makeup different from the regular one is the light-scattering ingredients that help to conceal all your flaws, blemishes, acne, acne scars, pigmentation and give you a natural flawless base. “The reflective particles are what makes the foundation really flattering,” she says.

“It enhances a natural radiance as most formulas are waterproof and stable and your flaws are not detectable on the camera or in photos.” Thanks to the fact that the formulations can last for quite long hours without the need for any touch-ups.

Benefits of HD Makeup

One of the considerable advantages of this technique is that it stays flawless for a long time, almost 12 to 24 hours.

HD makeup is moisturizing enough to prevent makeup from settling into bends and creases of dry skin. The hydration also plumps dry skin to make blemishes and lines less noticeable.

Some formulas may sustain mattifying agents to avoid shine in oilier complexions and prevent dazzle. So, these foundations are usually oil-free. This makeup technique works wonders for brides with oily skin, as the products used are silicone-based. One should hire an expert makeup artist to enjoy its picture-perfect advantages.

How much does HD Makeup Cost?

This makeup technique costs you a bit more than other regular bridal makeup techniques as the products used here are of higher quality. To inquire about the cost of HD Bridal Makeup, you can contact us anytime, We are just a phone call away. We will help you out with your queries and can help you to finalize your bridal look.

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