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Best Face Massage for Glowing Skin

A lot of us have been taught to believe that we should keep our hands and fingers away from our faces in order to keep our skin clean. So, we wash off our makeup with cleansing cloths and clean our faces using rotating scrub brushes. We make use of makeup sponges and brushes instead of the pads of our fingers.

Massages for the face have many benefits that you cannot imagine. It helps not only release tension built up over time, however, but it also helps reduce wrinkles and wrinkles, increases blood circulation, improves skin tightness, and gives your face a natural radiant appearance. The inclusion of regular facial massages into your daily routine will increase the efficacy of your products for skincare.

If you've ever splurged on a facial, you'll have experienced the stunning natural glow of your skin that comes with it. What did we tell you there was a method to achieve that youthful and radiant face glow without spending a dime on facial treatments? It's a lesser-known skincare technique called facial massage.

Facial massages can be extremely rejuvenating. You can treat yourself to a facial massage at home when you are aware of the best methods. Don't worry. We have an easy step-by-step guide that will aid you!

Why You Should Give Yourself a Facial Massage?

Face massages are an exercise for these muscles. There are around 42 muscles in our face, and massaging our face can improve blood circulation in these muscles. It also relaxes the muscles of the face and resolves lymphatic drainage.

By massaging, the tension in the jaw and the face reduces. Studies have shown that massage can improve the circulation of the face. It also helps in building the facial tissues by stimulating muscles, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, and improving lymph circulation.

Additionally, experts say that massaging products can help to improve the absorption of the creams and serums because of the time spent using the products. All of this can create a natural appearance.

Take into consideration that your face is home to many Pressure points that are each one being associated with an individual part of your body.

According to makeup expert Poonam Lalwani, by using gentle pressure on your facial area, you are able to gain abilities to deal with conditions even as far as your toes and help your body back into the right balance.

Even during ancient times, there was a concept of massaging muscles to treat various illnesses in Ayurveda. Face massage has always been around the corner, but now it has become popular. Many people are also practicing Facial Yoga for similar advantages. Face massages not only improve your skin but also provides the ability to relax the nervous system.

It also aids in reducing anxiety. After a long morning at work, a facial massage using the right facial oil can be the perfect way to relax.

While traditional massages can be an indulgence, the great face massage benefits are that they're DIY-friendly. Here's our top technique. Do give it a try!

Benefits of Face Massage for Glowing Skin

Face massage can be performed with minimal equipment or even products that you can make at home if you may also opt to receive professional facial massages each month or every two weeks.

Here are some amazing benefits that you should not ignore.

  1. Improved Blood Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage - Better blood circulation is essential for the skin since it circulates nutrients and aids in the detoxification process. By using facial massages, you increase circulation and facilitate the lymphatic nodes to drain located on your face and neck region that collect the impurities.

  2. Reduces Wrinkles - Facial massage can help slow down the signs of aging on your skin in many ways. It improves collagen production which increases the skin's elasticity. This gives you a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance. Most people are not aware of this, however constant stress also causes wrinkles on the face. Massages for the face can aid in this by relaxing facial muscles.

  3. Tones Your Face - Aging may cause your face to appear saggy due to the loss of the tightness that your face. When facial muscles aren't being stimulated, they lose their firmness. Face massage can strengthen your facial muscles, gives you a more firm jaw muscle, and improve the shape and tone of your face. Face massage can also help reduce puffiness, by removing stagnant fluid that is trapped within.

  4. Helps Repair the Skin Repair - Collagen is generally needed to help skin growth and assists in repairing and elasticity of the skin's tissues. Collagen is produced in our body through the use of Vitamin C. But for boosting its production for skin, facial massage can be beneficial. Collagen will help in repairing any damage on the face.

  5. Reduces Pores as well as Acne - If you maintain a healthy and clean face, as well as a regular facial massage using suitable essential oils certain kinds of skin problems can be avoided. The appearance of pores is the 2nd most frequent facial issue following acne. Certain types of acne may create large pores on the face even after the acne has been eliminated. The large pores can be eliminated by boosting collagen production that occurs when you massage your face. So massaging your face and taking proper care of your skin can work as an anti-aging process.

  6. Reduces discomfort due to Sinus - Massage-specific acupressure points and certain areas of your nose can aid in the release of mucus and relieve the sinuses. Pressing specific pressure areas on the face like in the middle of the eyebrow and ends at where your nasal bridge is and also on your lower eyelids' side aids in alleviating sinuses. In time, you may feel a sensation that indicates the release of mucus or tension within that particular area by applying the slightest of gentle pressure. Face massages can be effortlessly integrated into your regular or weekly routines. It isn't necessary to be costly or demanding. Let's discuss how you can do the massage of your face at home.

How to Massage your Face for Glowing Skin

DIY facial massages are a simple way to incorporate facial massages into your daily routine, or even regularly if it fits your lifestyle. Here are a few tips to keep in mind prior to starting:

  • A great facial massage should be done with warm hands, medium-to-light pressure, and constant contact. It should be smooth and constant. Your hands and fingers shouldn't slide across your skin or pull and should be effortless.

  • Make sure that your hands and face are completely cleansed prior to beginning and make sure your fingernails are cut short.

  • Be sure to touch your face with love and tenderness. Be gentle and mindful. If you're experiencing specific skin problems you'd like to be healed from, create your intention to heal prior to when you begin or consider an easy meditation practice.

  • Be sure to soak your hands and pads of your fingers using the serum or oil of your preference. The oil will help treat skin problems while allowing more fluidity across your skin.


  • Set your knuckles down on your forehead, directly between your eyebrows.

  • Make sure to gently move them upwards, towards your hairline, then turn them sideways toward your temples. Make this an upward motion.

  • Repeat this five times.


  • Put the tip of your index and middle fingers on your temples.

  • Move your fingers around your eye toward the bridge of your nose.

  • Continue to glide it across the eyes and come back under the eye in an oval direction.

  • Do this 5-times.


  • Put your knuckles onto your cheeks near the bridge of your nose.

  • Gently swipe it over your cheeks, aiming towards the ears.

  • Repeat the motion five times.

Mouth Area

  • Create a "V" sign using your middle and index fingers (both hands).

  • Place your fingers over the area of your mouth in such an arrangement so that the index finger sits higher than your upper lip, while the middle finger lies below that lower lip.

  • Make sure to press gently and pull the fingers towards your ears.

  • Five times. Repeat the process five more times.

Chin Area

  • Set your knuckles down on your chin so that your jawline is resting between your knuckles.

  • Pull the knuckles gently upwards towards your jawline. towards your ears.

  • Repetition this process five times.


  • Just place the knuckles just under the cheeks.

  • Gently pull them down toward the collarbone.

  • Repeat the motions by moving the knuckles across the jawline, lifting them until they reach the collarbone.

  • Repeat it five times.


  • By placing your fingers close to your ears, massage gently along your jaw in circular motions using both your index and ring fingers towards your cheeks.

  • Repeat this movement repeatedly as often as you want until your jaw starts to relax.

Rub The Whole Line Of Your Face

  • Then, place your knuckles under your eyebrows.

  • Make it move upwards, along the hairline, and towards the temples.

  • Make it slide down the sides of your face, including the jawline.

  • When you're done with these steps, put your hands on your forehead and gently press them while taking the time to breathe deeply. This will assist you in relaxing.

After you have finished the massage, gently slide your fingers from your temples and down towards the sides of the face towards your neck. This can help to remove stagnant fluid and assist the process of the lymphatic system draining. This is particularly helpful when you have excessive fluid around your eyes.

Which Massage is Best for Glowing Skin?

Any facial massage is best in order to achieve glowing skin but it needs to be done correctly. You need to apply optimum pressure to the high-pressure points. Your skin needs proper blood flow to every part of the face. You only need the perfect oil for a massage at home.

Which Oil is Best To Massage Your Face?

Now let's look at certain oils and which ones you can select one that is depending on the type of skin you have.

The right choice of facial massage oil serum could be a game changer. Certain oils are not suitable for face massage. Based on your skin type dry or acne-prone skin, it is essential to pick the best oil to prevent breakouts, acne, aging, or allergic reactions to the skin.

These are the top suggestions for facial massage oils. We have a few recommendations for face massage oils-

  • Almond oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Tea Tree oil

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to massage your face every day?

Gentle massaging your face every single day for 5-10 minutes will do nothing to harm the skin. It aids in improving blood flow and helps in reducing wrinkles with time.

How many times should I massage my face?

Experts in skin care recommend having an at-home facial massage every 2-3 times per week.

Does face massage brighten skin?

Face Massage Lightens The Skin's Complexion. You are aware that facial massage boosts blood flow, which results in healthy skin. This boost in blood circulation makes your skin more radiant and evens your skin appearance.

Who is the best face massage for bridal in Pune?

Poonam Lalwani offers the best face massage for bridal in Pune. She is an expert and talented bridal makeup artist and hairstylist in Pune and gives amazing bridal facials to her clients. So if you are getting married and want your skin to look glowy and rejuvenated on your special day, give her a call.

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