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Beauty Tips Every Female should Know

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Believing in yourself and feeling confident are important ways to feel your best. When you know that you look your best, it can be a real confidence booster. Experts believe that looking your best need not be either complex or overpriced. You just need to pay attention to a few normal beauty tips without seeking a hole in your pocket.

Your skin reflects your internal well-being. The skin does not remain constant, it keeps changing with time and weather, which makes it essential to take care of it. If you wish to get soft and healthy skin, you need to adopt a few skincare habits that can help you to lock your youthful glow.

We have a round-up of some of the best beauty tips every woman must know.

Know Your Skin Type

Having flawless skin is something every female aspires for. The most important thing you need to know before taking any skincare regime is to understand your skin type. If you already know your skin type, it's a big plus, but still, you need to keep it in check every six months because our skin tends to change due to climatic change, diet, and skincare products.

Method to Analyze your Skin Type

Wash your face with your regular face wash and pat it dry. Then leave it for some time, approx. 30-45 minutes. Then check if you get a shine on your face then your skin type is oily, if you feel stiffness in your skin then you would have dry skin, and if you have a bit of shine on the forehead, nose, or chin(T zone) then you most probably have a combination skin type.

Purchase Skincare Products According To Your Skin Type

Once you are sure about the type of your skin, it’s essential to get your beauty products according to your skin. It can make a huge change in your skin condition. The reason behind doing so is that any product which suits an individual may not work for another person. So, always buy beauty products keeping your skin type in mind.

Choose The Product With The Key Ingredient You should choose products that incorporate suitable ingredients to help you to treat your skin complications. Say, if you have acne-prone skin then you can look out for products rich in ingredients like salicylic acid, tea tree, green tea, etc. The products rich in these ingredients are a great help to acne-prone skin.

Follow A Basic CTM Routine

One needs not do over-the-board things when you can achieve healthy skin with minimal steps. The term CTM stands for Cleansing Toning and Moisturizing. This basic routine is quite enough to start a good skincare regime. You must cleanse your skin with your face wash, then apply a toner to tone down your skin, and then moisturize your skin to lock in the moisture level of your skin. Follow this routine twice a day to get better results.

Use Sunscreen

It is very essential to apply sunscreen on your skin before heading out of the house. Sunscreen should be an important part of your everyday skincare routine even on cloudy and rainy days. It helps to guard our skin from the harmful effects of UltraViolet Sun rays.

Layer Your Skincare Products

"Before choosing any skincare routine, it is very essential that you understand the order of applying skincare products", says Poonam Lalwani, an expert makeup artist from Mumbai. When not applied in the right sequence one cannot achieve the desired output of these products, so the method of application is really important. The correct order is Cleanse, Exfoliation, Toning, Essence, Serum, Sheet Mask, Eye Cream, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen.

Water is the Key

Hydrating your body from the inside out is indispensable as our skin contains 64% of water. So don't forget to drink at least eight glasses of water every day for smooth and radiant skin. You will notice a positive change in your skin and body for sure. It is also advised to switch to detox water once in a while to detoxify your body and get radical-free skin.

Never Underrate the potential of Moisturizer

It does not matter the type of skin you own, whether it is dry, oily, or even normal. If you can only afford one skincare product, experts say, your pennies will be well spent on a good moisturizer.

If you're in your early 30s, doctors say, moisturizers will give you some protection you need to keep your skin from prematurely aging.

Pamper your Skin

Who doesn’t love to get pampered at the salon whenever you feel exhausted? Well, you have to do this periodically. You should get a facial done once in a while. Both your skin and your body will thank you later. You can even do it by yourself by following the right sequence of steps.

Remove Your Makeup Before Bedtime:

You may use long-lasting, water-proof, high-end, matte, or dewy makeup products, but never ignore removing your makeup before heading to bed. By not doing so, you can encounter severe skin problems. The reason behind this is that your skin cells tend to recover while sleeping. When you sleep with your makeup on, you may tend to have wrinkles, signs of aging, or dryness in your skin.

Last but not the least, always carry that curve called smile down your nose. After all, it’s the best makeup a girl can wear.

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