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How To Select Bridal Jewellery According To Your Face Shape

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Accessories define the look of a bride by emphasizing her overall look and giving a stunning effect to her wedding costume. The shimmer of gold and the spark of stones enhance the beauty of the bride and complete her bridal look. Choosing jewelry that goes perfectly with your wedding ensemble and beautifies your personality is a tricky part. The modern jewelry trend accentuates not just the design but also the individual's face shape as well. Therefore we all need to pay attention to our features and face structures in order to select the perfect pieces.

Not only a bride, but every girl wants her jewelry to match with their traditional outfits. whether it is maang teeka, necklaces, bangles, earrings, or hair accessories, they must complement your face shape and your entire demeanor. however, not every piece of jewelry looks good on every face shape.

To choose the perfect bridal jewelry for your special day, allow us to be your guide and help you through your journey of buying the ornaments so that you can walk down the aisle like a monarch.

Know Your Face Shape

Each person has roughly one of these six face shapes: oval, round, square, heart, pear, or rectangular. You can figure out which category your face falls into by following this trick. The face shape is determined when all the hair is pulled away, and the outer edge of the face is well exposed. At the same time, the features within the face can be soft or angular.

An ace bridal hairstylist and makeup artist from Pune, Ms. Poonam Lalwani works with brides having different face shapes and features. She shared some of her recommendations for jewellery according to the face cuts.

Bridal Jewellery For Oval Face Shape

People with an oval face shape are blessed with impeccable face features to pull off almost every style. Neither round nor long, this face shape is one where lots of versatility can be explored. An egg-like shape where the length of the forehead to chin is longer than the width of the ears. Women with oval features can explore almost every piece of jewellery. You can follow katrina kaif for her style guide, as her features are oval.

Here Are Some Recommendations:

For Maang Tikka: The good news is that the brides with oval face shapes can wear any types of maang tikka, whether long, short, big, round, etc. You can experiment with every jewel.

For Necklaces: You can flaunt long and short necklaces whether, it's a choker or heavy necklaces. Anything will suit you effortlessly.

For Earrings: You can experiment with different earrings as well. from small to big and from ethnic to western, any earrings can complement your look. Avoid long-length earrings that will make your face extra long.

Choice Of Jewellery For Heart Shape Brides