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Stunning Bridal Bun Hairstyle, You Should BookMark

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Gowns, jewelry, makeup, shoes, everything set for the wedding, but aren't sure about the hairstyle yet? Don’t worry! We have come up with this blog to assist you in finalizing your hairdo. Buns are one of the prevalent hairstyles of almost every other bride. And why not; it brings out that traditional yet classy vibe. Hence, every bride-to-be must pin down these elegant traditional buns in their list. You either go with floral or non-floral both ways; they look appealing.

Just sit back, relax, and grab a cup of coffee, because we are going to share some of the absolutely gorgeous yet elegant hairstyle ideas that you can consider getting on your tresses.

Every hairstyle is handpicked by Poonam Lalwani herself. If you are wondering, she is a professional bridal makeup artist and hairstylist in Pune & Maharashtra.

We are so sure that you would like these hairstyles and bookmark them for your wedding hairstyle. From simple traditional bun to quirky trendsetter hairdos, Poonam has covered every hairstyle idea.

Check Out These Stunning Bridal Hairdos For Your Dreamy Bridal Look on Your Wedding Day-

1. The Floral Buns

The most prevailing hairstyle at weddings is the bun, presumed as a classic bridal hairdo, perhaps the most versatile for every hair length, and the best way to flaunt a backless blouse. Long hair brides can tie them in an intricate bun whereas, brides with short hair can apply some extensions or a fake bun and bobby pins to accomplish the look.

Embrace your bun with some flowers, mogras, baby breaths, or hair accessories. Are you curious to see our collection? Take a look at our bun ideas for you-

A perfect mixture of Indian and Western tradition. The red roses complement the red outfit whereas, white roses and baby breaths put life to the entire updo. Isn’t it look phenomenon?

And here’s another floral bun for you. Look at these red roses again gracing the outfit of this Maharashtrian bride so, these baby breaths are. The combination of green and white perfectly goes with the green blouse. It is the best way to add more colors to your bridal attire than just red.

Look at this simple yet gorgeous hairdo. Brides who want to conquer their wedding in a pastel outfit can go with these white and baby pink flowers. Long hair brides can effortlessly carry this braided bun. Don’t forget to add these baby breaths; they stand as the star of this bun.

2. Traditional Buns

Indian traditional buns are sophisticated, edgy, and elegant. Brides who are more into tradition and want a decent edgy updo, these bun ideas are just enough for them.

What about exaggerating your wedding outfit with the scramble of small white and orange roses? Isn't it simply a gorgeous wedding hairdo? The gold brooch pinned right in the center with scintillating dainty chains add an Indian traditional gesture to the updo. A perfect hairdo for Maharashtrian and South Indian brides.

Another one, with a brooch right at the center with the hanging pearl tassels, makes up for a stunning piece. And these gold beads with small pink roses are assembled in a way emphasized as a side hairpin. Not to mention, the gold beaded hairband wrapped around the bun puts grace to the hair.

A decent updo to pull off on a wedding. We can’t forget to add a passa on our hairdos. Few flowers to the bun simply elevate the updo and, that side passa seems like a cherry on the cake.

We talk about buns and forget about adding one with mogras. No, we can’t ignore the most evergreen Indian traditional hair bun worn with mogras. You can carry it just with gajras wrapped around the bun or add a brooch, jhumki, or passa at the center of the bun. Or, cover the entire bun with mogras looks absolutely gorgeous!

A lower bun with a French braid on one side from the front to the back and wrapped around the bun adds a beautiful dimension to the hairdo. These pinkish-white flowers on the side made our eyes pop out. Looks stunningly beautiful; try it once on any occasion.

3. Embellished Braids

Braids are another most liked option by the brides at their wedding, mostly the South Indian Brides. Actually, the bride with long, thick hair who wants to flaunt her gorgeous locks can opt for braids. We have come up with some braid options; you will surely like them.

Can’t take your eyes off this offbeat braid? Right! The twisted hair on the crown and French braids at the side of the head add dimensions to the crown area. A flipped bubble braid wrapped with white thread all through the end embellishes the braid with two big pairs of jhumkis to each bubble end, making up a breathtaking piece.

Who told you that the gajras were worn on the buns only? Look at this. Twisted the crown section and tie each twisted strand with bobby pins. Gather all the hair, make a loose braid, and wrap it with mogras. Isn’t it a simple yet elegant hairdo? We will definitely pull it off at one of our friend’s weddings.

Here is yet another sophisticated bubble braid hairstyle, perfect for the reception or wedding occasion. Embellishing the crown area with pearl and gold beaded hair wrap hanging around the puff. Add a few flowers on the bubble braid to make it look more put together.

This hairstyle has everybody’s heart in just a second! Neither a full braid nor an open hairdo! More like a twisted hairdo embellished with round hairclips having pearls on them. These silver hairclips embrace pastel attire. Loose curls on front framing hair add a feminine touch to the overall look.

4. Let it Open

Some of you may prefer to go with open hairdos to add that quirky touch to your tresses. You can consider these hairstyles to rock your wedding pictures nowadays. So, we have listed a few of them.

A stunningly beautiful hairpiece with delicate, dainty pearl and stone detailing. A center-parted hairstyle; go perfectly well with mang tikka, as you can see. An effortless hairstyle with tight locks for Reception, Mehandi, or Sangeet ceremony.

How amazingly wrap the pearl string around the hair, simultaneously removing a little chunk of hair. It looks mesmerized but truly a catchy hairstyle to carry off in the wedding ceremony. What do you think?

We love these tiny little blue flower pins! Such a basic hairstyle with a dash of color to it. You can never go wrong with these tight curls, a simple and elegant hairdo for any occasion.

Since we have come to the end of this blog, Have you bookmarked your hairdo? Which one you are going to flaunt in the upcoming wedding season. We are sure you adored every hairstyle and have bookmarked them already.

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