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A Complete Guide of Bridal Makeup Artist for Indian Weddings

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

A bridal party should be as beautiful or fairytale-worthy. The wedding venue would cover in fresh flower bouquets, the guests would arrive, and the photographer would capture everyone to have a good time but are you prepared?

Weddings are a memorable time of your life. Fast forward fifty years, and it is going on for you forever. Wedding days represent an occasion to be treated like princesses, and they are the best days of the year. You had countless hopes, and the day will likely come soon.

Now it is time to celebrate. You spent months looking for a hotel in an area that you had never seen before. Do your dresses look good? How does your lovely face fit together with your gown, accessories, and hair?

Maybe you should consider employing a wedding makeup artist. Let us discuss the top bridal makeup artists in India. Also, the queries related to hiring a makeup artist for your marriage celebration.

Why Is it Crucial to Hire a Professional Bridal Makeup Artist in India?

On events like sangeet, mehndi, or even the marriage, you probably do not want to look dull or unavailing in your trousseau rituals. How can you get the perfect shade and look good on every occasion?

It could be incredibly disastrous if your makeup does not look flawless for this big event! Professional makeup artists can be your superhero in such a big event.

You are waiting until now to get over the worries and emotions that you feel. Everything, from clothes and shoes, is on a list, but what about the list for the bridal makeup artist?

It is constant chaos when it comes to deciding which makeup artist is the best for your wedding as you have several questions in your mind.

  • Take a Test- If possible, ask for a makeup trial. It is the best way to examine their skills and techniques. You would be far more precise with the decision and the look you will have on your special day.

  • Your Friends and Family Members are also Busy- All your friends and family would be busy with dancing, chilling, and preparations. None of them would be free to make you ready or help you with your chores.

  • Get Rid of Stress- Since it is your wedding! You need to enjoy the ritual to the fullest. You do not have to stress about doing anything. Whether it is makeup or hairstyle, you will be the queen of the event and get pampered for that special event.

  • They Know What Fits You- A professional bridal makeup artist understands the vibe and theme of your event. She is an expert at tailoring a complementary look that goes with the vibe of the wedding.

  • Quality of Products- She uses the top luxury brands and knows the value of using high-quality products. She does not compromise with the outcome. Client satisfaction is her top priority!

What Matters Should Be Discussed While Hiring The Best Bridal Makeup Artist in India?

Selecting the best bridal makeup artists for weddings may seem an overwhelming undertaking, especially for people who do not know makeup well enough for them.

This makeup trial will ensure both your groom and makeup artist are in good hands, but it also helps you make the perfect bridal beauty look for your wedding - and more. Your artist will actually direct you through the entire process to ensure you feel beautiful.

So, what questions would you need to pose while counseling!

First, list down the list of your requirements, and build your questions accordingly. Here are some examples of questions that you can ask an artist:

  • What would you suggest to me in terms of bridal makeup?

  • What will suit me?

  • What eyeshadow color would you go for with my outfit?

  • What works well on me-HD or Airbrush Makeup?

  • Which brand of makeup do you use on brides?

  • What would you offer in your services?

  • Do you use natural hair extensions or fake ones?

  • Are accessories included in your services or not?

  • Are there any extra charges included in the services?

  • Would you travel to my venue? What would you charge for traveling to the event? And many more.

The questions would continue endlessly, as indicated by your necessities. So, sit back, have a cup of coffee, and write down the mandatory points that you need to discuss with makeup artists.

Tips For Booking Bridal Makeup Artists in India?

Before heading to the salons, know your style! What are the theme and color contrasts of the event? What look do you want? The best thing is to pin down all the inspirational pictures and show them to the artists to understand your expectations.

List down the top artists and check their portfolios before visiting them. See their work experiences and see their previous work portfolio. Once you are satisfied with that, opt for a trial session with the artist you like the most.

Apart from this, get a better idea from the client reviews. When all is sorted, book your artist in advance as you may not want to run out of the dates of your makeup artist.

Does Bridal Makeup Include Hair?

Bridal packages will contain hair, makeup, and draping, which means they will help you do your bridal makeup, your bridal hair and help you drape your dupatta or wedding trousseau.

Experts also assist with putting on your wedding jewelry at the makeup venue if you are going for costume jewelry.

Which Makeup Techniques Are Used For Bridal Makeup in India?

When you have to plan out the perfect outfit for a significant event in your life, every girl will always do their part to find the best solution for it. When you finalize the Dresses & Jewels, there will be ten different options for Makeup & Hairstyles, HD makeup, airbrush makeup, and others.

It becomes confusing when; one has to choose between a wide range of makeup choices given its importance in creating perfect looks.

All women are different, and deciding on the correct makeup is equally important. It needs to understand the most commonly used makeup and know the difference between them. HD and Airbrush Makeup is the most overwhelmed bridal makeup and raved by bridal makeup artists.

So, why these bridal makeups are so popular, what are these makeups all about, and which is better than one other; let us give you the complete info you should know about choosing the makeup of the wedding you are planning.

Airbrush Bridal Makeup

Airbrush makeup, air droplets of foundation get sprayed on the skin, rather than sponges, makeup brushes, or other techniques. The airbrush is usually a compressor that creates air through an air pipe connected to trigger-activated spray paint.

Airbrushes are adjustable for applying different types of eye makeup like light, medium, and deep. The airbrush works best in films, cinema to cover flaws with a light seamless finish.

It is best for oily skin people who struggle with melting makeup. Poonam is an expert in Airbrush makeup and comes under the top 5 bridal makeup artists in India. You can check out her portfolio of Airbrush makeup for reference.

HD Bridal Makeup

High-definition cameras disclose any wrinkle, crease, pigmentation, pimples, or scar. But layered cakey makeup is also noticeable via an HD lens.

HD Makeup is best to remove the cakey texture of traditional makeup. The makeup is lighter while still concealing bumpy skin texture and other uneven spots. It works perfectly well on dry to oily skin people as it gives slightly within kind of glow that looks natural.

Check out Poonam's HD Bridal Makeup portfolio to get a clear idea of which works best for you.

Is Airbrush Bridal Makeup Better Than HD Makeup? Allow Us To Explain

Our brides make the best choice when picking a bridal makeup artist. However, bridal makeup has evolved over time. But what style of makeup do you want and what bridal makeup artists, you must decide.

The familiar names in the industry are HD Makeup and Airbrush Makeup. Both are equal anger that confuses a bride. Both provide similar services for a wide range of ages. Those minor differences show a clear decision-maker.

Airbrush makeup is increasingly popular and has these privileges
  1. Airbrush makeup lasts more time than a normal-sized brush. Usually, last for more than 24 hours.

  2. The makeup can be absorbed more quickly using a spray and gives light coverage which looks natural. The spray method already possesses this capability.

  3. Makeup on airbrushes could wipe out with water; they are also very sweat resistant. These makeups are ideally suited for brides with greasy and combination skin types. The foundation contains dry water and silicon and stays under the skin. It also helps to prevent oils or sweats from appearing on clothing.

  4. A bit pricier than HD makeup.

HD Makeup is not lagging behind this makeup race
  1. It covers lines, wrinkles, acne, scars, bumpy texture, or any skin flaws pretty seamlessly.

  2. It hydrates the skin as well. Makeup can sink into gaps and wrinkles of dry skin. The moisturizing formula plumps up dry skin to make any flaws less evident.

  3. The formula of HD makeup may also contain mattifying agents to control sheen in oilier faces and prevent extra glow. So foundations are usually oil-free.

  4. The main difference is HD foundations contain light-scattering ingredients that reflect the light and make the base flattering. Hence, you can not notice the imperfections present under the makeup.

Both the makeup has equal advantages. It is totally on you which one you choose. The finish of both the makeup is beautiful.

What Are The Top 5 Bridal Makeup Artists In South India To Consider For Your 2022 Wedding!

  1. Poonam Lalwani - Poonam Lalwani is a top-class bridal makeup artist in Pune and Maharashtra. She works with luxury products, and her skills bring out life to your face. She has a 5-star rating on Google with around 140+ reviews that indicate most people are satisfied with her services. You can never turn out badly with your choice to enlist her for your wedding.

  2. Urban Glamour by Khushboo Giri - Khushboo is a top-notch makeup artist who creates a variety of makeup looks on her brides. She also provides makeup courses from basic to bridal makeup. She holds this position on the top 5 makeup artists list, with 5-star ratings and almost 65 reviews.

  3. Samantha Jagan- The top makeup artist Samantha Jagan is known for her premier makeup services and worked with various South Indian brides. Moreover, her innovative makeup looks have won many awards in the makeup industry. She clearly understands how to chase the South Indian Bridal look while playing around with eye looks. The whole attire of South Indian Brides looks more sophisticated and elegant. However, the makeup is something to add charm to the look.

  4. Khushbu Jain Makeup Studio & Parlour - Another makeup artist who holds the fourth position on this list is Khushbu Jain. She offers every bridal service that a bride might need in her marriage. From Mehandi to Bridal makeup, you can book her for the services. Khushbu holds 5-star ratings with 61 reviews on Google.

  5. Farida Makeup Studio - Farida offers her services in Pune and Maharashtra. Her portfolio tells everything. She is a very skilled person and provides the best look to her clients that suits their personalities. She holds the fifth position in this top 5 list, with 4.9-stars and around 203 reviews.

About Poonam Lalwani

Poonam Lalwani is an elite beauty stylist and hairdresser working in Pune and on destination wedding events across India. From elegant to bold and quirky look, she tailors a bridal look that suits your personality and wedding theme.

Poonam is a professional makeup artist with a strong understanding of the needs of her clients. Her professional character makes it a dream to work with her. You can also see her review here. She is devoted to beauty innately, and she performs under the philosophy: Being beautiful by being you.

Why Hire Poonam Lalwani?

Poonam Lalwani is a leading luxury bridal hair and makeup artist serving between Pune and Mumbai and at destination weddings across the nation and overseas. A professional makeup artist with expertise in bridal makeup and hairstyles. Enough of appreciation is less when it comes to her working skills. Let us see why you must hire this gem:

  • Experience - Poonam Lalwani has experience of more than one decade as a bridal makeup & hairstylist. She is familiar with doing party makeup, engagement makeup, photoshoot makeup, and bridal makeup for any occasion. One can completely trust her for her special events.

  • 800+ Happy Brides - Poonam has an abundance of clients from different places and traditions. See her portfolio to see pictures of brides having unique attires from one another and choices of makeup and hair. Total 800+ brides are happy with her services and left with positive feedback.

  • Works With Best Quality Makeup Products- Minimal yet seamless makeup looks more flawless than building layers of makeup on the face. High-quality products give that natural and classy look while does not look cakey.

  • Reviews From Clients- Customer satisfaction is her far most priority. She got all positive reviews on GMB, Trust-Pilot, WedMeGood, NiceLocal, WeddingWire, Fabwedding, SiteJabber with a 5-star rating that shows satisfied clients from her services. Look at her testimonials for more.

GMB - 130+ Reviews with 5 Star Rating. See here

WedMeGood - 80+ Reviews with 5 Star Ratings. See here

Nice Local - 60+ Reviews with 5 Star Rating. See here

What are the Client Expectations?

Poonam Lalwani has shown her devotion and expertise in the makeup industry. She is a gem in terms of makeup and hairstyles. See what her clients can anticipate from her.

1. Poonam offers personalized and integrated bridal hair, makeup, and drapings with top-quality products; you do not need to think further.

2. Connect with her directly, and there is no need to scratch your head with any assistant or manager.

3. She assures you to be comfortable and stress-free so you can enjoy events.

4. Trial sessions- Her services offer you up to 3 zoom sessions to create a lookbook as a reference for your big day.

5. She also provides destination services. Wherever your venue is in the country, she travels all the way to your wedlock venue.

6. Top brand products - She believes in the best results and wants her clients to look as beautiful as they expect from her. So, to give her clients their dreamy look, she uses luxury brands. She never compromises with the quality of her makeup.

Services Offered by Poonam Lalwani

From bridal makeup to hairstyles, Poonam Lalwani offers all necessary services that a bride-to-be may require in her wedding. All you need to do is book your service with her. She offers trial sessions to her clients.

So, they can get satisfied with their decision. Discuss all the expectations like- what they want to look at on the trousseau. Her services facilitate you with the best makeup and hair products.

Bridal Makeup

The most crucial part of every bride is the bridal makeup. With high-end brands like Dior, TEMPTU, Armani beauty, etc., she provides HD and Airbrush Makeup for any bis event, party makeup, engagement makeup, or bridal. Both the makeup process deliver the top-rated result. They give you a flawless look with a healthy glow.

The only difference is that HD Makeup works wonders on almost every skin type, whereas Airbrush Makeup is a Silicon-Based Makeup and the best friend of oily skin people. The beauty of these processes will give you gorgeous, flawless, and natural-looking makeup that is enough to grab all the limelight on your wedding.

Bridal Hairstyles

What about the traditional buns with Gajras or flowers as a bridal hairstyle? Or embellished braids with Jhumkas or baby flower breath?

Every bride has a different taste, and hence, some want buns, and others want braids or updo hairstyles. Poonam is an excellent hairstylist and twists your hair in the desired way. She understands the expectations of her clients pretty well and ensures you fulfill all your expectations.

Studio Services

Poonam offers variable studio services for her clients. Visit her studio in Pune, on the humming North Main street strip in Koregaon Park.

Regardless of whether you need a new haircut, trim down those dead ends, lay back over a natural hair spa, get Keratin Treatment done, Balayage hair color, or get pampered with our facials, we invite you to experience our best in-salon services.

Does Poonam Lalwani Travel to the Venue?

Of course, yes! She provides her services in India and travels to wedding destinations. Poonam makes sure to deliver her best approach. Most brides plan destination weddings, and it would be great to achieve that dreamy wedding look at your destination.

You might take thousands of photos and videos of your occasion; for that, you only need to lean down on your back and enjoy your wedding rituals.

How Much Does Bridal Makeup Artists Charge?

Wedding makeup is much more than just a wedding gown. Prices for one session of regular/HD bridal makeup may start from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000. From selecting your hairstylist to your makeup artist. What is your budget?

It is crucial to consider wedding hair and makeup prices in your budget as part of your checklist. While it may be possible to do it yourself during your bridal planning process, it should be done by an experienced wedding professional.

Though, the expense of bridal makeup is a lot more prominent than the traditional one. The cost varies due to the use of top luxury products, which retails almost thrice the price of any drugstore brand.

The outcome of high-end products is remarkably natural and flawless. It is wiser to choose your bridal package while keeping seamless results of top brands in mind.

Why Is Bridal Makeup Expensive?

You are getting married and an unforgettable event for everyone. The event takes a lot of planning and organization and hits your bank account. Many of you must wonder why wedding makeup is so expensive?

Well, the cost of makeup products used on brides is expensive. As a bride, you will be the highlight of the event and so you must look gorgeously beautiful on your big day.

Furthermore, the cameraman would take thousands of pictures of you, and his HD lenses can capture every spot of your face. And, you probably do not want to see your pictures and videos with scars on your face.

That is the reason bridal makeup artists use high-quality makeup products that will not only hide your scars but will give you that natural, seamless finish to your face. These products are expensive, and so is the makeup technique.

So what you are waiting for; book your appointment now, before you run out of her dates!

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