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What is Keratin Hair Treatment? Is Keratin Good for Hair?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Some hair treatments may have a more unpleasant aspect. Keratin hair treatments help maintain healthy hair for long periods and help reduce breaking hair shafts, frizz, and heat loss.

Keratin is a protein naturally present in the hair and improves the quality of the hair. Hence, it is a secret to many big celebrities to have silky, smooth and straightened hair.

Keratin treatment is more prevalent than ever, but is it worth the hype? What does it really do, and how long will it survive? There is a ton of misconception that revolve around keratin hair treatment.

So to burst every balloon of confusion before you venture out towards the glory of silky smooth hair, we have come up with a complete guide to clarify everything about keratin hair.

Keep in mind! Not all hair treatments work similarly, nor do they give identical results on every hair type.

What is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Many treatments are available today that can restore the keratin in your hair and one such treatment is a keratin protein treatment. This hair treatment includes adding artificial keratin to your hair to make the hair, shiny, and smooth.

In simple language, this treatment involves rebuilding the hair shaft by art color-treating back lost protein in your hair. This treatment is gaining popularity among women and is a much better alternative to chemical smoothening.

Different Types of Keratin Hair Treatment?

There are several types of keratin hair treatments in general, some having greater formaldehyde than others, and some having slightly less damaging options.

Formaldehyde is a harmful ingredient as it is a carcinogen. However, the fumes of formaldehyde emitted in a keratin treatment are considerably less. Hence, it is more satisfactory to go for formaldehyde-free treatments.

The latest keratin treatments are formaldehyde-free and contain glyoxylic acid. Moreover, considering the efficiency concerns, formaldehyde-free keratin treatments do not provide effective and long-lasting results.

Keratin is responsible for shiny and luscious hair. It smooths the hair texture and eliminates frizz, making them straight and healthy. If you mostly struggle taming your frizzed hair, a keratin treatment is an answer to your trouble.

Keratin treatment is safe as they include a natural component. The other ingredients and chemicals can damage your hair rigorously. Hence picking keratin treatment is crucial while adding moisture to your hair shafts can promote growth.

Brazilian Keratin

It is the best hair straightenings treatment that eliminates frizz and adds shine to your hair while keeping the volume unaffected. It serves people with curly or frizzy textures that thirst for moisture.

It is mostly stated as Brazilian blowout and Brazilian Keratin Treatment. This chemical process is done by a hairstylist who understands the chemical composition of keratin cream and how they work on hair to achieve straight and polished hair.

The Brazilian blowout is pricey but worth every penny as it reduces frizz and improves natural hair texture by layering hair strands with keratin. The treatment stays up to six months with proper care. This straightening treatment is one hundred percent formaldehyde-free so, it does not damage the hair follicles.

How Brazilian Blowout Processed?

First, the hair gets washed, and then the keratin cream is applied to the semi-wet hair. With the help of a comb, the product gets evenly spread onto the length. Let's the keratin sink for about 30 minutes.

However, few hair specialists blow-dry the hair first and lay the treatment to dry hair. Afterward, they flat iron the hair in small sections to lock the keratin protein into the coarse strands. The process can take a few hours so, take a book or someone to chat with to avoid boredom.

Soft Keratin

The soft keratin hair treatment gently reduces frizz. This straightening treatment serves people with moderately straighten hair. It facilitates people with unmanageable, thin, or overly porous hair.

This new keratin treatment combines an extra step prior to the traditional keratin treatment. It involves the softening of the hair's shaft before the usual keratin process so that the protein penetrates deeply into each hair strand.

Often inexperienced hairstylists soften the hair way too much, ruining the hair texture. This treatment works best for unruly and fine hair.

How Soft Keratin Processed?

Hair is made of three bonds; hydrogen, salt, and disulfide, out of which disulfide bond is the strongest one. Hence, the greater the disulfide bond in the hair fiber, the curlier the hair texture.

The first step involves relaxing the disulfide bonds to soften the wavy texture. The softening cream coated to the hair's length and leaves on for some time but not long to avoid damage to the bonds and elasticity of hair remain intact.

After that, the traditional keratin process is done. This process gives that natural bounce and volume to the hair also does not make your hair flat or pin-straight.

Japzilian Keratin

This keratin treatment is a mixture of Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment and Japanese Hairs Straightening Treatment. It stays four-five months more than Brazilian keratin treatments and works well for all hair types.

How is Japzilian Keratin Processed?

It is the process that integrates Brazilian treatment with the Japanese Hair straightening process. First, the traditional Brazilian keratin is coated on the hair strands and locked with the help of blow-drying process. Straighten the hair with a flat iron.

Japzilian Keratin Process
Japzilian Keratin Process

Then, emulsify the Japanese straightening cream two times while brushing the product throughout the coarse strands. Let the product sit for an hour, rinse out the hair, and blow-dry them one more time. This entire process can take around two to four hours.

Keratin Express

This treatment is a short-term keratin hair treatment. It is valuable for people with a wavy hair texture that becomes unmanageable or frizzy under humidity.

Keratin protein in serum state is spread to the hair length and blow-dried and flat iron the hair to lock the protein into the hair cuticles. This treatment can stay for at least six weeks with proper care and avoiding sulfate-free products on the hair.

Is Keratin the same as Japanese treatment or relaxer?

Unlike other hair straightening treatments, keratin treatments show comparatively different, more natural results. On the other hand, Japanese hair straightening results in stick-straight hair that looks unrealistic.

Keratin treatments do not only eliminate frizz but add shine and movement to the hair. This treatment improves the quality of your hair to achieve pin-straight hair with minimum effort.

How long does Keratin treatment last?

The result of keratin hair treatments would be healthier, shinier, smoother, and more manageable that can last you more than three months with an appropriate regime.

Can Keratin Treatment help with hair growth?

This treatment improves the hair quality and results in shiny, sleek hair, which slowly disappears after some hair wash. It makes the hair more manageable and straight so, they grow pretty smoothly, which seems like it has done something to grow your hair faster. But it is not the case; it only straightens the hair length.

Can Keratin Damage your Hair?

The only potential drawback of keratin treatments is hair breakage. The killing temperatures of flat iron can dry down the hair and lead to more breakage to the chemically treated hair. So choose formaldehyde-free keratin treatments, especially the ones with glyoxylic acid are better.

Which is Better - Keratin Treatment or Rebonding?

Keratin is the protein that is generally present in the hair shafts and responsible for being shiny and smooth hair. It involves introducing the natural protein in the hair strands that get depleted due to constant exposure to chemicals, sun, pollution, and other such external factors making it dull, damaged, and dry.

However, rebonding focuses on transforming the chemical structure of your hair to make it pin-straight and sleek. Keratin treatments do not require ironing the hair strands multiple times, burning down the hair shaft. Hence, Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy is a much healthier and safer alternative to rebonding.

Can I do Keratin Hair Treatment at Home?

You can dare to do a DIY at home but possibly fail to achieve the desired salon-like results. Make sure to buy the correct keratin products and be aware of products marked as keratin. Thoroughly read the ingredient list of the product.

In addition, any product speaks out the ingredients like silicone or conditioning treatments, etc. That product does not deliver you a keratin hair treatment. The results are most likely to wash out quickly even if you use the original keratin products; if, not get it done by salon professionals.

How to Maintain Keratin-treated Hair?

Keratin Treatment After Care Tips

  1. Pick a Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner.

  2. Don't Wash Your Hair More Frequently after the Keratin Treatments.

  3. Keep Your Hair Down for Keratin Treatment After Care.

  4. Always Use a Silk Pillowcase

  5. Use Silk And Satin Scarf

How Often Should I get Keratin Treatment for My Hair?

Keratin hair treatment lasts for up to three to six months, depending on the type of keratin treatment you have and after treatment care.

Can you Get Keratin Treatment for Wavy or Curly Hair?

Keratin treatment works best for people with a curly or frizzy hair texture. On the other hand, this is not a better option for people with moderately straight or thin fine hair texture. They must avoid this straightening treatment altogether.

Can you get Keratin treatment for color-treated hair?

Yes! Keratin works wonderfully on color-treated hair than other straightening treatments. It repairs the damage done after the coloring process and makes the color last for long.

Who Should get Keratin Treatment Done?

If you use heat styling every single day, getting a keratin hair treatment is the perfect option for you. Avoid heat styling for certain months after the treatment to receive every bit of its bonuses.

How Much Does Keratin Treatment Cost in India?

Keratin hair treatment works differently for every single person. The price of this treatment varies due to various factors including, the length, thickness of the hair shafts, and texture. The outcome of this treatment clearly depends on your hair texture.

Usually, the price of keratin treatment in India can vary between Rs 4,000 to Rs 8,000. Even so, the treatment cost is undoubtedly low for shorter hair and higher for people with longer hair.

Keratin Treatment Price in India

For Short Hair

For Long Hair

​Keratin Hair Treatment Cost in Kolkata

Rs 3,999

​Rs 7,999

Keratin Hair Treatment Cost in Mumbai

Rs 3,950

​Rs 6,999

Keratin Hair Treatment Cost in Pune

Rs 4,500

Rs 6,999

Keratin Hair Treatment Cost in Kerala

​Rs 3,999

Rs 6,999

Keratin Hair Treatment Cost in Delhi

Rs 2,499

Rs 3,499

Keratin Hair Treatment Cost in Chennai

​Rs 3,999

Rs 6,999

What are the Benefits of Keratin For Hair?

The benefits of the Keratin Treatments are huge and are perfect for dry, curly, thin, damaged, and frizzy hair.
  • Easily manageable and shinier hair.

  • Hair appears glossy and fuller.

  • It also makes hair less frizzy and manageable.

  • Hair looks straight.

  • Hair can be styled easily.

  • Hair is protected from the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental damage.

  • Hair is less prone to breakage and damage because of the serum.

  • Cuts down on blow-drying or styling time to a great extent.

Which Keratin Treatment is Best?

The two most trending keratin hair treatments are Hair Botox and Brazilian Cacao Eco Keratin. Both the treatments are formaldehyde-free which is a must as formaldehyde fumes are cancerous to both the hairstylist and the client.

What you are waiting for! Book your appointment to get a keratin hair treatment done by a professional hairstylist.

Where is The Best Salon for Keratin Treatments in Pune?

Both Hair Botox & Brazilian Eco Keratin services are available at Poonam Lalwani's Studio in Koregaon Park, Pune. To know more about the services, you can get in touch on 9967675831 or follow us here

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