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What is Balayage Hair Color? Complete Guide of Hair Colour Treatment for Women and Girls

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Are you thinking of having a new balayage color? Or want to have it for the first time but know nothing about the process? Here is a complete guide with inspirational pictures that help discover your perfect match.

Balayage Hair Colour
Balayage Hair Colour

Balayage technique has become famous nowadays due to its natural yet appealing beauty on the hair. Most of the girls want to try this mesmerizing hair coloring technique at least once in their life, and the girls who already have it want to experiment more with this process. Having complete knowledge about the process is necessary before heading to the salon. We have piled everything you need to learn about the balayage technique.

5 Types of Hair Colouring Techniques:-

Although you have hair tone as a top priority, you met with another chaos of which hair color process would look best on you? That brings chaos to your mind, yet not something; you cannot find the solution for your hair color. Choosing your technique by learning more about them can clear all your confusion.

However, instead of choosing a color for your hair, consider combining different colors and putting them together without compromising its style and texture.

You can fade from dark brown to light brown by adding baby lights or bringing low-maintenance color by adding ombré. Hair coloring techniques can be complicated. Some describe their processes, while others describe the result.

There are some most common and famous coloring methods you can get from your hairstylist. We have listed down the top-5 hair coloring methods you can choose to try.


Highlights is a hair coloring process that does not go out of trend. The hair highlighting adds dimension to your hair. It is a good option for those who have not had hair coloring yet. Highlighting is an excellent method for a beginner.

Take small chunks of hair and apply lighter shade from your actual hair from root to tip. When light highlighted hair chunks get merged with your natural hair color, look splendid together and give a new life to your hair.


Bronde is a color technique that combines brown and blonde colors in an attractive and shaded color. It is not specifically a blonde or brown, a nearly ideal blend of both. If you want to revive your hair tone, you can pick the bronde hair tone.

This hair shade gets applied in layers. They will pick a chunk of your hair and apply the color from the roots to the end.


An ombre hair color is when your hair gradually changes color from top to bottom. Ombre is from the French words meaning shadows and shades. Thus, termed as a shadowing hair technique combines two hair colors. It is the fastest way to color the hair today.

In this technique, you get dark hair color from the root and lighter from the ends. Although, the only purpose of this process is not to leave any harsh lines between two colors and leave a more blended and seamless look.


Sombre hair is one of the more commonly used hair color techniques in recent years. Consider it as ombré sister. It is more subtle to create a streak on our hair that is not visible but a subtle elegance and discreet.


Sombre is a soft ombre color technique. You need to pick a color shade that is one hue lighter than the base color, and the hair color specialist will sweep it to your hair, from the mid to the ends of the hair. It provides you subtle faded effect.

It produces a minimal difference between the tips and the roots yet adds barely sufficient shading to stick out. The color shading must be more consistent and steady than ombre.

The process uses weaving your regular root tone all over the hair, letting your highlights merge with your natural hair.


Balayage is a hair coloring technique in which the color needs to apply at the tips of the hair, and the process of application is free-handedly to give more natural sun-kissed and beachy highlights to the ends.

Balayage's name originated from the French word "sweeping. Hence, it requires light sweeping motion from the mid to the ends.

Balayage has everything to do with how colors are applied. The color does not require touching the roots; only the tips are the primary target. The technique originated in Paris in the 1970s, yet the most famous and loved hair color.

What is Balayage Hair Colouring? Why Is Balayage Technique So Popular?

Balayage hair treatment produces a subtle, blended, and natural-looking color, that is why the process is so popular. The outcome depends on the look you want on your hair, whether subtle or bold.

Balayage highlights describe how a hair colorist tailors the color effect that results in such a softer sun-kissed look.

This free-handed hair coloring process gives a fully blended, seamless look without any harsh lines. The idea behind this method is less is more when it comes to providing a natural, subtle finish.

The technique uses different shades of light and dark hair colors to add more dimensions to the length. Balayage is the best technique for brown hair as it gives more effortless dimensions to the faded hair color.

It is not like other traditional balayage highlights, as the color gets painted freehandedly and without foil. It is the best option; if you want to add some highlighting effect to your hair but do not like over-the-top harsh colors.

Find the Best Balayage Hair Color Idea for You

Many trends come and go before you can even make your mind to having hair color done. There are plenty of options to have balayage hair. Even though it is the most effortless hair coloring trend of a decade, this technique is still on-trend and loved by so many celebrities.

Here are some of the best balayage hair color ideas to get.

Caramel Balayage Hair

Caramel Balayage is a stunning hair coloring style that soft or blended stripes of natural-looking light brunette brown color into a dark hair shade to get a delicate sun-kissed finish.

One of the top qualities of this hair highlighting is it leaves an effortless high-contrast look that creates a multi-dimensional effect. Moreover, this color emphasizes the hair texture that appears more defined under natural lights.

Styling your locks with waves or gorgeous curls gives a more blended and peek-a-bow look to your hair. Although, the highlights add volume to the straight hair with a more seamless and transitional blend of caramel balayage with dark hair. Caramel Balayage hair can last up to 4 months with proper care and the correct hair products used.

Blonde Balayage Hair

Blonde balayage is a freehand coloring technique to merge blonde balayage highlights into light brown hair. It lightens the hair and adds dimension, creating a seamless blend during growth and giving a natural blended look.

People with natural brunette shade can add blonde balayage highlights to lighten their hair to get that beachy hair vibe. However, it may take several sessions to achieve that perfect blonde hair look.

On the other hand, people with natural blonde shade can get lighter highlights or darker babylights to get a noticeable dimension to their hair.

Brown Hair Balayage

Brown balayage is a coloring technique that contrasts natural and dimensional highlights to the typical brown color.

It incorporates many shades like caramel balayage, chocolates, blonde balayage, mahogany, light brown, and coffee hues, which are soft-handed swiped from the mid-length to the tips. These hair highlights give a soft brunette shade throughout the hair.

However, adding thin chestnut highlights to the natural brown hair adds highlighted contrast to brown hair that looks flattering. And Brown Hair Balayage will look gorgeous! Explore today for Brown Balayage, No matter what your hair color shade, there's a balayage or ombré look for you.

Brunette Balayage Hair

Brunette balayage hair is quite popular nowadays. You can get this color by painting a mixture of colors on natural brown hair resulting in soft brunette balayage.

The trendy color shades that you can achieve in this shade range are subtle ashy brown and light brunette balayage.

How to Balayage On Black Hair

Balayage on black hair is a process employed by colorists to effortlessly change the plane of dark hair into multi-dimensions to add texture to your hair. This soft blended style of coloring constructs a seamless result using light dyes that produce a mixture of dimensions and shades.

It is best for women who want to get life back to their locks without much maintenance. You will surely enjoy this comprehensive style without surrendering the quality of your healthy hair.

How to Balayage On Dark Brown Hair

A dark brown balayage is a hair coloring technique illustrated by more scattered highlights on dark brown hair. There is no better mode to form flawless sun-kissed dimension and texture for your chocolate brown tresses than doing the balayage hair.

If you are hungry for a new life on your locks, bringing blended highlights on your dark brown hair is the most suitable approach to make it happen.

How to Ash Purple Balayage Hair

Ash purple balayage is an excellent choice for an easygoing stylish lady, and balayage needs less maintenance than entire coloring. Shades like Lavender, Lilac, Purple, Violet, or Plum look perfect on almost all skin tones.

A vibrant balayage color pops out nicely on dark brunettes. Purple balayage hair has a variety of styles.

Here are some examples of the purple balayage color. Most suitable for women who like ashy tints. Even purple looks stunning when paired with hues of grey or white for an added structure.

How is Balayage Applied?

Balayage is smeared on the hair length and not immersed hair partition throughout the tips. It provides a soft, merged stroke of shades.

It is a freehand technique as it does not require foil paper to form balayage highlights.

How Long Does Balayage Hair Treatment Take?

The finish of balayage can differ tremendously from soft, subtle highlights that require a few minutes to an all-out, a multi-dimensional color highlighting that can take almost 3 hours and so, says Poonam Lalwani, bridal makeup and hairstylist in Pune and Maharashtra.

The multi-dimensional and layered balayage highlights take much more time than a regular one. But the advantage of the application implies you can get a longer time to get your next appointment. If you want babylights, it can take around 45 minutes to get the highlights done.

Waht are the Benefits of Balayage Hair Treatement?

Balayage highlights get swept on the hair sections by the colorist instead of using the foil. The result is versatile, low-maintenance, healthier-looking, and gorgeous highlights.

Low Maintenance

Unlike classic highlights, Balayage highlights commonly demand touch-ups every 2-4 months and do not need to spend much time and money. Frequent highlights may require brushing up in between one and half months.

Healthier-Looking Hair

Balayage highlights do not implicate overflooding your hair in color or bleach. You will get soft, natural-looking hair with minimal damage and dry hair shafts.


Balayage highlights are the ideal option for hair coloring these days. You can flaunt a trendy ombre look or have more sophisticated highlights.

Safe For Pregnant Women

Since Balayage highlights paint on the hair length, not the roots, pregnant women can easily flaunt this style on their hair. They do not have to think of getting an allergic reaction to hair color.

How Much Does a Balayage Cost in India?

Being a trendy hair look balayage is bound to set you back over a regular coloring or highlighting appointment. Balayage is much more costly than the traditional coloring process.

The expense might fluctuate from where you get the color done. Besides that, the average cost is around 200-250 USD. In India, it could cost above 4000 INR at a certified salon.

How to Prepare For a Balayage Hair Color Appointment?

To get ready for your salon visit, wash your locks a day before you head to a salon. Do not apply any serum or any hair product after washing your hair. In addition, no need to style them or anything.


How is Balayage Different from Highlights?

Balayage hair colouring technique involves painting color onto the hair without using foils. This technique can create a natural-looking sun-kissed highlighted balayage. On the other hand, Highlights are created by using foils to lighten specific sections of the hair. Balayage does not require root touch-ups as often as highlights, making it a low-maintenance option. You can also get balayage with highlights if you love the result of both techniques.

How is Balayage Different From Ombre?

Ombre is one of the types of hair colouring technique that involves gradually lightening the hair from the roots to the tips. Whereas, Balayage is a technique that can be used to create an ombre effect and is also used to create other effects, such as a natural-looking sun-kissed effect. Ombre requires more maintenance than balayage because it typically involves lightening the roots of the hair, which can require root touch-ups.

Can You Do Balayage at Home?

It would be hard to do balayage by yourself. Balayage needs some practice and skill to get that seamless, dispersed result. It would be great to get it done at a salon. Only a professional hair colorist knows how to give that perfect sun-kissed finish.

Why is Balayage so Expensive?

Balayage is an expensive technique because it is the hair coloring process not everybody offers in their salon. Hence, they charge much because they know the balayage hair technique and create more likable dispersing results.

Can Every Hair Type Try Balayage Hair Colour Technique?

Most hair types can benefit from balayage. However, if you have very fine or thin hair, you may want to consult with a professional colorist to see if this technique is right for you. Balayage can add dimension and interest to your hair, regardless of your hair type.

Does Balayage Make The Hair Look Thicker?

Balayage creates the illusion of thick, voluminous hair by adding the dimensions of color to the hair length. This technique plays around with light and vibrant colors that add gradients when the light hits the hair to make it looks thicker.

Is Balayage Still in Style 2022?

A working woman most likely prefers low-maintenance hair processes, and hence, balayage is perfect for that. Thus, in 2022 balayage will remain in trend and will stay for the long run.

Does Balayage Hair Fade Out?

Balayage creates a lightning effect to a certain extent; the result remains endless. However, the color may fade out over a period gradually. If you properly take care of your color-treated hair, the color may stay for a bit longer than usual. So, the longevity of the color is in your own hand.

Is Balayage Hair Colour Technique Safe?

Yes, balayage is a safe hair colouring technique. It does not damage the hair like other hair colouring types, such as highlights and lowlights. Balayage highlights are a great option if you are looking for low-maintenance hair color.

What Are Babylights? How Are Babylights Different From Balayage?

Babylights are another hair coloring technique that involves painting very fine highlights onto the hair. This technique is similar to balayage, but the highlights are usually much finer. Babylights can give you a more light color, and the process requires foils to lighten the hair colour. Whereas, Balayage does not require any foil paper while coloring and gives a more natural and seamless coloring.

How Long Does Balayage Last?

Balayage can last up to six months. However, how long your balayage lasts will depend on how well you take care of it. To help your balayage last longer, avoid washing your hair too often and use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. You should also use heat-styling tools sparingly. When you do use them, be sure to use a heat-protectant spray. Following these tips will help your balayage last longer.

What are the Lowlights? How is Lowlights different from the French Balayage hair color technique?

Lowlights are a hair coloring technique that involves adding darker shades to the hair. This technique is similar to balayage, but the highlights are usually much darker. Lowlights can give you a seamless effect by blending with natural hair color.

On the other hand, French Balayage involves lightening the hair colour from the roots to the ends giving a more natural, blended result.

Does Balayage Look Best on Indian Hair?

Balayage can work well on Indian hair. However, it is important to consult with a professional colorist to see if it's right for you. Balayage is the best way to add dimension or texture to your hair. Here are some balayage for Indian hair like Caramel Balayage, Light Brown Balayage, Red Balayage, Brunette Balayage, and Ash Blonde Balayage.

Is Balayage More Expensive Than Highlights?

The cost of balayage varies depending on the salon you go to get it done. However, it is typically more expensive than highlights because it is a more time-consuming process.

Does Balayage Cover GREY?

Yes, it is a great way to deal with your grey hair and the same time, add color and dimension to your hair. The technique involves dark hair on the roots and light color towards the ends. You can easily target the specific strands of grey to cover them up.

Does Balayage Use Bleach?

Balayage can be done with or without bleach. Though, unlike other hair colouring types, Balayage does require some sort of lightening for some hair textures, such as virgin hair needs to get bleached before heading to proper balayage colouring. Bleaching can damage your hair shaft, so you must take extra care after having balayage done.

Does Balayage Look Bad on Straight Hair?

You might have seen balayage on curled hair but, you can see balayage more clearly in straight hair. It does not look bad, especially when it was done by a professional.

Can Balayage be Done on Box-dyed Hair?

If you dyed your hair from a box dye, the result might vary from less to nothing. You will get proper balayage highlights only when they get done professionally.

Who is the Best Balayage Hair Treatment Artist in Pune?

Poonam Lalwani has a great experience of more than 10 years in this field. She has undergone a range of professional courses in makeup as well as hair-styling. She has catered to over a staggering one thousand clients! No doubt, she is among the most popular bridal makeup artists.

Have you ever tried balayage? What did you think of it? Share your experience in the comments below!

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