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What is Balayage Hair Color? Complete Guide of Hair Colour Treatment for Women and Girls

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Are you thinking of having a new balayage color? Or want to have it for the first time but know nothing about the process? Here is a complete guide with inspirational pictures that help discover your perfect match.

Balayage Hair Colour
Balayage Hair Colour

Balayage technique has become famous nowadays due to its natural yet appealing beauty on the hair. Most of the girls want to try this mesmerizing hair coloring technique at least once in their life, and the girls who already have it want to experiment more with this process. Having complete knowledge about the process is necessary before heading to the salon. We have piled everything you need to learn about the balayage technique.

5 Types of Hair Colouring Techniques:-

Although you have hair tone as a top priority, you met with another chaos of which hair color process would look best on you? That brings chaos to your mind, yet not something; you cannot find the solution for your hair color. Choosing your technique by learning more about them can clear all your confusion.

However, instead of choosing a color for your hair, consider combining different colors and putting them together without compromising its style and texture.

You can fade from dark brown to light brown by adding baby lights or bringing low-maintenance color by adding ombré. Hair coloring techniques can be complicated. Some describe their processes, while others describe the result.

There are some most common and famous coloring methods you can get from your hairstylist. We have listed down the top-5 hair coloring methods you can choose to try.


Highlights is a hair coloring process that does not go out of trend. The hair highlighting adds dimension to your hair. It is a good option for those who have not had hair coloring yet. Highlighting is an excellent method for a beginner.

Take small chunks of hair and apply lighter shade from your actual hair from root to tip. When light highlighted hair chunks get merged with your natural hair color, look splendid together and give a new life to your hair.


Bronde is a color technique that combines brown and blonde colors in an attractive and shaded color. It is not specifically a blonde or brown, a nearly ideal blend of both. If you want to revive your hair tone, you can pick the bronde hair tone.

This hair shade gets applied in layers. They will pick a chunk of your hair and apply the color from the roots to the end.


An ombre hair color is when your hair gradually changes color from top to bottom. Ombre is from the French words meaning shadows and shades. Thus, termed as a shadowing hair technique combines two hair colors. It is the fastest way to color the hair today.

In this technique, you get dark hair color from the root and lighter from the ends. Although, the only purpose of this process is not to leave any harsh lines between two colors and leave a more blended and seamless look.


Sombre hair is one of the more commonly used hair color techniques in recent years. Consider it as ombré sister. It is more subtle to create a streak on our hair that is not visible but a subtle elegance and discreet.


Sombre is a soft ombre color technique. You need to pick a color shade that is one hue lighter than the base color, and the hair color specialist will sweep it to your hair, from the mid to the ends of the hair. It provides you subtle faded effect.

It produces a minimal difference between the tips and the roots yet adds barely sufficient shading to stick out. The color shading must be more consistent and steady than ombre.

The process uses weaving your regular root tone all over the hair, letting your highlights merge with your natural hair.


Balayage is a hair coloring technique in which the color needs to apply at the tips of the hair, and the process of application is free-handedly to give more natural sun-kissed and beachy highlights to the ends.

Balayage's name originated from the French word "sweeping. Hence, it requires light sweeping motion from the mid to the ends.

Balayage has everything to do with how colors are applied. The color does not require touching the roots; only the tips are the primary target. The technique originated in Paris in the 1970s, yet the most famous and loved hair color.

What is Balayage Hair Colouring? Why Is Balayage Technique So Popular?

Balayage hair treatment produces a subtle, blended, and natural-looking color, that is why the process is so popular. The outcome depends on the look you want on your hair, whether subtle or bold.

Balayage highlights describe how a hair colorist tailors the color effect that results in such a softer sun-kissed look.

This free-handed hair coloring process gives a fully blended, seamless look without any harsh lines. The idea behind this method is less is more when it comes to providing a natural, subtle finish.

The technique uses different shades of light and dark hair colors to add more dimensions to the length. Balayage is the best technique for brown hair as it gives more effortless dimensions to the faded hair color.

It is not like other traditional balayage highlights, as the color gets painted freehandedly and without foil. It is the best option; if you want to add some highlighting effect to your hair but do not like over-the-top harsh colors.

Find the Best Balayage Hair Color Idea for You

Many trends come and go before you can even make your mind to having hair color done. There are plenty of options to have balayage hair. Even though it is the most effortless hair coloring trend of a decade, this technique is still on-trend and loved by so many celebrities.

Here are some of the best balayage hair color ideas to get.

Caramel Balayage Hair

Caramel Balayage is a stunning hair coloring style that soft or blended stripes of natural-looking light brunette brown color into a dark hair shade to get a delicate sun-kissed finish.

One of the top qualities of this hair highlighting is it leaves an effortless high-contrast look that creates a multi-dimensional effect. Moreover, this color emphasizes the hair texture that appears more defined under natural lights.

Styling your locks with waves or gorgeous curls gives a more blended and peek-a-bow look to your hair. Although, the highlights add volume to the straight hair with a more seamless and transitional blend of caramel balayage with dark hair. Caramel Balayage hair can last up to 4 months with proper care and the correct hair products used.

Blonde Balayage Hair

Blonde balayage is a freehand coloring technique to merge blonde balayage highlights into light brown hair. It lightens the hair and adds dimension, creating a seamless blend during growth and giving a natural blended look.