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Tips To Carry Off A Red Lipstick

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Red lipstick can make us feel extremely self-conscious. It’s also daunting to apply and exhausting to touch up throughout the day, so women avoided wearing it.

Red Lipstick is also a disaster when smudged and is a pain to rub off especially with highly pigmented matte lipsticks. Ahead, read about all the practical and personal things I learned along the way applying it to myself as well as working on a number of brides.

1. There are so many ways to wear a red lip.

A red lip can mean so many things, from a high gloss to a matte finish to sheer tints and stains that are hydrating minus the whole hair-stuck-to-your-lips thing. Play around with different textures to figure out which one makes you feel the most comfortable.

2. Lip balm is essential if you want smooth lips and to prevent the color from bleeding.

Have you ever noticed your lipstick bleeding around the contours of your lips? Bridal Makeup artist and hair expert Poonam Lalwani says this usually happens when you have dry lips, so it’s important to keep them hydrated.

To keep your lips smooth and hydrated, apply lip butter 30 minutes before lining your lips. Blot it with a clean tissue and then go ahead with lining your lips with a red lip pencil.

3. If your lips feel particularly rough, start your lip prep with a scrub.

Bridal Makeup Artist in Mumbai, Poonam Lalwani recommends using a clean spoolie to gently exfoliate and scrub off any dry bits on your lips before starting in with your lip balm or lipstick (resist the urge to peel or bite off peeling skin, which can be painful and lead to bleeding). if your lips are chapped then red lipstick is a big no.

4. Different reds may work better for different skin tones.

We all own a dozen different shades of red nail polish and red lipsticks.

Bridal Makeup Artist Poonam Lalwani suggests the best way to decide which lipstick shade is best for you is to check your undertones and the tone of the lipstick: Cooler, blue-based reds work better on fair skin (they also help your teeth look whiter) and yellow-based tones are more flattering for warmer skin. “Hold the shade next to your lips as if you were trying on a dress and that’ll give you an idea.

5. Be careful about how you take off your clothes unless you want lipstick stains everywhere.

You’d be surprised how easily red lipstick transfers onto things like mugs, paper cups, clothes, and well, people too. Another tip to make your red lipstick smudge-proof is to apply a layer of your red lipstick and then pat some translucent powder. Go over the translucent powder with another layer of your red lipstick.

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